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Television news is doing a great disservice to their viewers.

1530325_10153670879325503_1445534396_n  For me, newspapers – and their online products – will always do a better job in covering the news than radio or television.
Not only is it more stimulating to the mind to read information than to absorb it from watching TV, the quality and accuracy of print and Internet news outlets far outweighs that of TV news broadcasts.
It also seems television is more likely to be slaves to time and sales. Because of these limitations, both time and advertising, the average user will still be far better informed from reading an article than watching a package that runs for two minutes at the most. Only so much information can be condensed into a certain amount of time.
Their inability to really delve into the stories, and draw the ethical lines between sales and news… that’s why TV will never truly do the full justice it should when it comes to serving the public.
TV news has made the public lazy, and because of it, they are not as informed as they should be.