Game Night

After one year of working here, I can honestly say I’ve changed. I’ve become better. I’ve learned a lot, from each of my coworkers. I’ve learned more about page design and building graphics, and in essence, putting together a newspaper.I could technically put together a solid product on my own, but I’d rather not.

My boss has taught me to trust my instincts. I’m not sure why she has so much blind faith in us. She trusts us.

There’s so much room for screw-ups, and it’s scary. But we learn through mistakes, right?

Anyway, I’ve attached a full issue of Game Night. I’m currently using the summer to build up a stronger product. I’m hoping to have more solid contribution to it this year, but it looks as if I’ll be on my own once again.

It’s an ongoing battle to be better. Luckily, I don’t give up easily.

Sometimes, the world doesn’t need Superman. Sometimes, it simply needs Clark Kent.

I’ll take off the glasses when the need arises.

11.15.12 Game Night


About Benjamin D. Peters

Ben is a reporter for The Missouri Times. Missouri State University alum, degree in media. View all posts by Benjamin D. Peters

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