Well, that’s a first…

Today is a Saturday. Most people, on their days off, use it do stuff they like or catch up on some chores, etc. My “day off” involved covering a baseball tournament all afternoon, and then doing a little grocery shopping. After I got home, I ate some dinner, then tried to take a nap, before deciding to drive to see my cousin. Within five minutes, I had driven down the road and came upon a three car pile-up. Immediate reaction? Look for my camera.

I never did make it to my cousin’s, but I covered my first accident. I didn’t see too much that made my stomach turn, but the sight of a car’s front end destroyed and the airbags deployed is definitely something that sticks with you. I’m not sure how good of a job I did, as there’s no real information given out just yet, but the pics I took were about half OK and half crap. 

I truly hope all involved are alright.To see what I have as of now, follow the link.



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