My First Week

It’s gone very well. I really like my job. I have always dreaded that when I grew up, I would end up working a job that I hated and stressed me out. Instead, I like going to work. The life of a reporter is always changing, experiencing something new.  And to be a sports reporter…wow. So much freedom in that job.

It’s definitely been a new experience for me. I’m catching up on page design, which is definitely a weak point. As far as I can tell, I seem to defy the normal rules of laying out the pages, which means I require a but more time. The fact that it is summer doesn’t do much to help, as there isn’t too much going on in the sports world, other than a few golf tournaments and summer baseball leagues. I’m already anxious for the fall to get here.

I don’t usually get home from work until 7 or 8, and after work and that driving, I usually just eat dinner and go to bed. That isn’t too much of an issue, seeing as mom and dad are out of the continental U.S. right now. I hope they’re having a good time in Hawaii for their 30th anniversary.

Anyway, here’s a few links to the stories I liked doing the most. Hope you enjoy them!

Shore family dynasty is just beginning

Camdenton Lakers Youth Football Team places second in Show Me State Games

Former Laker will play for Kansas University


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One response to “My First Week

  • lightningpen

    Hi, I Iove the fact you’re embracing your new life, as that’s the response that brings joy! Too many people lose sight of what matters when a life change comes their way! I’m very happy you’re living your dream, as I’m doing the same with my writing! Thank you for the follow! I think you’re very talented!

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