My First Day

So, I just accepted a job at the Lake Sun in Camdenton, Mo., as the new sports guy. Yesterday was my first day, and to say it was exciting would be an understatement.

My cousin and I lived together in college, and somehow it has worked out that both of us are starting careers in Camdenton at the exact same time. We’ve decided to live together again, which makes me really happy. Not to mention our jobs are less than a mile from each other.

Anyway, we looked at a duplex in Greenview before I went to work. I really hope they’ll let us lease it. It’s a really nice looking place, and it’s in a rather secluded area. I don’t think Adam or myself would care for a lot of city noise again after living in Springfield.

After we toured the place, Adam took me to breakfast, which I couldn’t eat much because of my nerves. After we finished, we headed to my new place of work. I walked in to the newsroom and sat down at my desk for the first time and tried to take it all in. Within minutes, I was back out the door, heading to a golf course to take some photos of the MWGA’s junior tournament. There’s a bit of a learning curve with golf photos. And each one of those 37 girls could’ve destroyed me in a round of golf.

I stayed about an hour, trying to get pictures I liked. I ended with about 60 photos to choose from, but narrowed it down to 30 when I got to the office. Eventually, we narrowed it down to two or three. (ALso, thanks to my new co-worker, Spree Hilliard, for lending me a lens-that really came in handy.)

After I got back to the office, I began working on another story about two Camdenton football players who played in the Grin Iron Classic, an all-star football game sponsored by the Ronald McDonald house. I got to talk to the Camdenton football coach, Jeff Shore, for the first time, and I’m already excited for football season after talking with him and his former player, Michael Salts. They have a really good program, and I’m excited to be working on it.

Later in the afternoon, after I did some paperwork, I was trying to help with the layout, when my editor asked me to do a quick interview in our office. Missouri State Treasurer, Clint Zwiefel, came in, and I was the reporter that was put on the story. Talk about being put to the test on my first day, huh? I had to think of some questions on the fly, but I think it went well. The only thing I’ll say about Mr. Zweifel is that he is a very smart man, and seems very collected. I wish him the best, and thank him for his patience with a brand new reporter.

I got my stuff done around 5, and talked with my editor before I left a bit. I think the day went very well, but I’m definitely interested to see how a full workload will look. I can honestly say that this is the greatest job I have ever had. It wasn’t even a job, it was just fun.

Also, thanks for breakfast, Adam. I completely forgot about eating the rest of the day. 😀


About Benjamin D. Peters

Ben is a reporter for The Missouri Times. Missouri State University alum, degree in media. View all posts by Benjamin D. Peters

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