Cut Off!

Today and yesterday have been rather annoying times for me, as I have been cut off from things I take for granted in every day life. Life without internet for one day, and I will face the next day or so without my phone.

Yesterday, our internet connection went down, which thankfully has been fixed. My phone, on the other hand, has gone completely, for lack of a better word, wonky.

All this has done is reaffirmed my ideas about the need for communication. Without communication, or the need to express, humans would have gone completely mad. Now, I’m not saying I’m glued to my computer or attached to my phone every second of the day, but the fact is that I need to stay connected. I may not have a job yet, but I still need to have my way to answer my co-workers calls, to make plans with my friends, and to apply for job listings, etc.

Even in the ancient times, messages had to be sent. I’m just glad we’ve evolved from runners to cell phones.


About Benjamin D. Peters

Ben is a reporter for The Missouri Times. Missouri State University alum, degree in media. View all posts by Benjamin D. Peters

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