I May Know A Thing Or Two…

I love watching sports. It’s a great way to pass the time, and even better with friends. So when the NBA playoffs began, my friends and I keep track of the games as much as possible, though it gets kind of hard when we all work random hours.
When asked my opinion on the Lakers-Thunder series, I decided to go all in with my prediction.
I predicted that the Thunder win the series, and that every game they win, Kevin Durant will out-score Kobe Bryant. If Bryant scores more than Durant, the Lakers will win that game.
Now, I know it sounds like a stretch, but the fact of the matter is that from my analysis of the teams, I believe OKC has the better, more rounded team. So, my theory is that the Thunder can hold their own against the Lakers, to an extent. Harden and Westbrook do a great job of scoring, and the Thunder defense is good enough to stand up against the Lakers, who we all can admit have been the dominant team for the last decade.
So, Durant is my wild card. If he can have a better game than Kobe, than what this means is that Harden and Westbrook will hold their own, which basically means the rest of the Lakers have to beat the Thunder. Without Kobe, the Lakers are not a playoff team.
As of now, I’m right. The Thunder is leading the series 2-0, and Durant outscored Kobe both times. My fingers are crossed!


As of now, the Thunder are leading the series, 3-1. My predictions were right until the last game played. Durant outscored Kobe during the first two games, and Kobe beat Durant during Game 3, which the Thunder lost. In Game 4, Kobe outscored Durant, but lost, making my predictions fall through.


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