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What A Week!

It has been a rather eventful week in my life, with lots of new and interesting turns down the road I call my life. To start things off, I had a job interview, which I felt went rather well. I like the place, and I like the job itself. I hope I get it, though I have to admit that undertaking a sports position will be an adjustment, but one that I know I can make well.

A few days later, my close friend Derek Dueker and his wife gave birth to their first child, Annabella. Congratulations, guys! She’s beautiful, and you have both been blessed. Annabella has had some complications, so I ask that those of you reading this please say a little prayer for her and her parents.

Two friends of my family also tied the knot yesterday. Sarah and Kurtis Uthe, as you shall now be referred to as, you guys had a beautiful and simple wedding, one perfect for you guys. It was very fitting, and it was great to finally see all of your planning come to fruition.

Another very close friend of mine, Andrew Orscheln, is preparing to move to Kansas City to continue his schooling. We had a goodbye party for him yesterday, and it was one of the most fun days we have had. It will be a sad day when he moves, and I wonder how my group of friends will operate without him for the next year. I know he’ll do well in KC, and wish him the best.

A good number of close friends have also graduated from school, so I’d like to say congratulations to them, especially Adam, Andria, and Tyler. You all put in a lot of work, and deserve the life you have always dreamed of.

It has been a rather busy week, but full of excitement, and new beginnings. I love a fast paced life, and this just feels right. Like they always say, you can sleep when you are dead. There’s too much out there to experience, and I refuse to sit back and not explore it.


I May Know A Thing Or Two…

I love watching sports. It’s a great way to pass the time, and even better with friends. So when the NBA playoffs began, my friends and I keep track of the games as much as possible, though it gets kind of hard when we all work random hours.
When asked my opinion on the Lakers-Thunder series, I decided to go all in with my prediction.
I predicted that the Thunder win the series, and that every game they win, Kevin Durant will out-score Kobe Bryant. If Bryant scores more than Durant, the Lakers will win that game.
Now, I know it sounds like a stretch, but the fact of the matter is that from my analysis of the teams, I believe OKC has the better, more rounded team. So, my theory is that the Thunder can hold their own against the Lakers, to an extent. Harden and Westbrook do a great job of scoring, and the Thunder defense is good enough to stand up against the Lakers, who we all can admit have been the dominant team for the last decade.
So, Durant is my wild card. If he can have a better game than Kobe, than what this means is that Harden and Westbrook will hold their own, which basically means the rest of the Lakers have to beat the Thunder. Without Kobe, the Lakers are not a playoff team.
As of now, I’m right. The Thunder is leading the series 2-0, and Durant outscored Kobe both times. My fingers are crossed!


As of now, the Thunder are leading the series, 3-1. My predictions were right until the last game played. Durant outscored Kobe during the first two games, and Kobe beat Durant during Game 3, which the Thunder lost. In Game 4, Kobe outscored Durant, but lost, making my predictions fall through.

Good Advice

“Journalists like to think of themselves as responding to a calling, or duty. For some journalists, there are stories that are worth taking a calculated risk to obtain—pieces that establish responsibility for organized rapes or massacres, for example, or reports that implicate powerful figures in corruption or organized crime. These are stories that would otherwise not be told.

Every high-risk decision brings both the potential of lasting, positive impact, and the possibility of permanent, tragic loss. Decisions about risk are highly personal, but the individual should be keenly self-aware. Your emotions come into play, as does adrenaline. A good story with an element of danger can bring with it a rush as compelling as sex or drugs.

In such a moment, you might be wise to ask yourself: Am I being driven by the emotions of the moment? How much of my decision is driven by ego? How much am I motivated by telling the story—and how much by the glory I might derive from telling it? Am I trying to prove something to myself or others? Perhaps every journalist is motivated by some incalculable mix of service and ego, intellect and emotion. Experience can help you better discern between duty, ego, and adrenaline.

My advice: Give yourself a chance to understand not only your coverage area, but yourself. There are plenty of tough stories to go around. If you really want to take on a dangerous beat, you’ll get your chance. So, yes, J-school students, your professors are right: Go ahead, go overseas. But start with a beat that allows you to learn—mainly about yourself.”
— Frank Smyth, Senior Adviser for Journalist Security, Committee to Protect Journalists

Pretty solid advice, I think. But the excitement, the ever-changing environment, the adventure….that’s the reason we sign up. We like the pressure. Journalists are, in fact, insane. No one signs up to write for a newspaper because it is a safe and easy job. 

What Will They Think of Next?

Disney Research has astounded me again. They have found a way to recognize touch and movements, which could one day be how we control devices. This is amazing to think about, to control your iPod without even touching it, or a doorknob which tells people the status of the person inside.

So, my questions today are: what will they think of next, and how do you think this technology can be applied in everyday life?

Some New Ideas

So, if you have kept up with my blog, then you know that I have a plan to try and travel across the state, visiting random and weird places.

I recently stumbled across this video by Corey Rich, a photographer who I believe has some really amazing work. His video, titled WHY, is something I wish I could have produced. Take a look.

So, I now have decided to take all of these events which I will try to do, and use the footage and photos of each trip to try and make a video like this. My hope is that by doing this, I will become a better photographer, and to try some new techniques. Also, it should be fun, as most road trips with my wonderful friends and family usually are. I’ll need to get some more gear before I do this, though.

Hopefully, I can make something really neat, and showcase Missouri. We are the Show Me State, right?