20 Films Every Guy Must Watch

Guys have a thing for certain types of movies. We love action, suspense, laughter and anything that gets our adrenaline going. We love fights, explosions, and beautiful women in our films. I believe the reason we love these movies is because we wish our lives were like that.

Every guy has his own favorite movies, but I have compiled a list that I’m sure EVERY GUY  can agree on with at least one film.

20. Full Metal Jacket

Against a white backdrop is a camouflaged military helmet with "Born to Kill" written on it, a peace sign attached to it, and a row of bullets lined up inside the helmet strap. Above the helmet are the words, "In Vietnam the wind doesn't blow it sucks."


This movie follows a platoon through basic training and the Vietnam War. It is one of Stanley Kubrick’s best films and a must see for every military nut.

19. The Rock

A bunch of veteran soldiers take over Alcatraz and prepare to shoot deadly weapons into the U.S. unless their demands are met. The only men who can save the day? Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery.

18. Saving Private Ryan

A great film about WWII in which a platoon of soldiers are sent across enemy lines to recover a soldier to send him back home. I think this is perhaps Tom Hanks’ best performance ever, with a strong cast, great storyline, and astounding director.

17. Lethal Weapon


Mel Gibson and Danny Glover team up to solve crime, bringing a combination of badassery and hilarity. You can’t go wrong here.

16. Rambo

Rambo….Guns. Gore. Big knife. Sylvester Stallone.

15. All Bond Films


It’s James Bond, guys. Come on. Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Roger Moore. Even Daniel Craig or Timothy Dalton. These men all represent what every man wishes he could be. Smooth, classy, and lethal. I think that deep down, every guy wants to be Bond. Admit it: every time you put on a suit, you feel like James Bond.

14. A Knight’s Tale


I really love this film about a man born in the lower class rising up to be a knight.Heath Ledger as a knight? OK…. No, hear me out. It’s got action with some comedic elements and a bit of romance, and is probably the only movie on this list your girlfriend will really enjoy, too.

13. The Bourne Trilogy

Matt Damon DELIVERS a double dose of adrenaline as Jason Bourne, a secret agent with amnesia. Who ever thought Matt Damon could be that awesome?

12. The Patriot


Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger team up as father and son during the American Revolution, leading a small militia against the British using guerilla tactics. All around great film.

11. Die Hard

Bruce Willis. You knew this would be on the list. You knew it. Suck it up, Nancy.

10. Unforgiven


Clint Eastwood’s cowboys are always played a certain way. The good guy who’s not so good. But totally worth it. In this one, Eastwood picks up his guns as a contract killer.

9. Inception

Inception is a film about the power of your mind. Leonardo DiCaprio leads a team inside of a man’s dreams to plant an idea, running into trouble along the way. DiCaprio drives this film home, absolutely blowing your mind. Christopher Nolan is box office gold. Just don’t let them invade your dreams.

8. Gladiator

My personal favorite director-Ridley Scott. A Roman general is reduced to a gladiator, and fights for the good of Rome. Russell Crowe was perfect for this great movie.

7. 300


This is Sparta. I shouldn’t have to say anything else, but I will. Gerard Butler is THE MAN, leading 300 Spartans against the Persian empire. Everyone can find something in this film. Also, Lena Headey is absolutely gorgeous.

6. Fight Club

"FIGHT CLUB" is embossed on a pink bar of soap in the upper right. Below are head-and-shoulders portraits of Brad Pitt facing the viewer with a broad smile and wearing a red leather jacket over a decorative blue t-shirt, and Edward Norton in a white button-up shirt with a tie and the top button loosened. Norton's body faces right and his head faces the viewer with little expression. Below the portraits are the two actors' names, followed by "HELENA BONHAM CARTER" in smaller print. Above the portraits is "MISCHIEF. MAYHEM. SOAP."

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt literally blow you away in this film about a fighting club they create. It’s the quintessential film for men everywhere. You cannot go wrong with this film.

5. Braveheart


Mel Gibson starred in and directed this film. William Wallace leads his countrymen against the British for freedom. Don’t you dare suggest that he’s compensating with that sword. You will be decapitated.

4. The Departed


Martin Scorsese hit gold with this film, not to mention one of the greatest casts ever. You know you want to watch some shady cops in Boston. Way too many great actors in this one.

3. Pulp Fiction


Quentin Tarantino’s best film. It’s a great movie….if you can keep up with the plot….it tends to jump around quite a bit. Another great cast. Besides, you know you love Samuel L. Jackson with an afro, spewing verses from the Bible, gun in hand.

2. Boondock Saints I and II

Two Irish brothers take on the mob, doing God’s will. My all time favorite movie. If you don’t love this film, just shoot yourself. Don’t forget the pennies over your eyes.

1.The Godfather Trilogy

This is the classic guy movie. Decades later, guys will still quote this movie. And you know you have a secret ambition to join the Mafia. It’s a must-see for every male in the world.

I hope you enjoyed my list, and let me know how I did.


About Benjamin D. Peters

Ben is a reporter for The Missouri Times. Missouri State University alum, degree in media. http://SeeDisclaimer.com View all posts by Benjamin D. Peters

6 responses to “20 Films Every Guy Must Watch

  • ROAS

    Seen all of em 🙂

    cool list.. i wud suggest most of these..

    i wud put Office Space somewhere in there.

  • nathanaelbassett

    I wrote a big mean and nasty reply because honestly, while I enjoy most of the movies on this list, the truth is a good portion of them are really fing terrible. Words like “blockbuster murder mush” were used, ugly comparisons to Sin City were drawn, and many of my own personal preferences came to bear. Honestly, I find that whenever someone writes a list of “top movies for guys,” I get (more than a little) aggravated because such lists inevitably suggest guys love stupid women, big guns, lots of killing and violence, simple plotlines, easy answers, and narratives so weak they make Family Guy look like the works of Shakespeare.

    When we say things like “movies for guys,” what we mean is a body of work that incorporates values and meaningfulness for the suggested audience. We want characters that we can use to define our own identity, with traits and qualities we can aspire to. Such characters need not be perfect, and can be flawed in human ways we recognize in ourselves and others. But the characters we usually see are unintentionally flawed as masochistic, sexist, ignorant, brash, stupid assholes who solve all their problems with sarcasm and bullets. They either maintain a finesse of impossible perfection (in the case of spy movies) or impossible invulnerability (no matter how many bad decisions someone like John McClane or any of Mel Gibson’s characters make, all they have to show for it is a grimacing tale of bravado coupled with scars and blood they handle all too well). I can’t, and I don’t want to be any of those meatheads.

    A few suggestions I might offer for a little more well rounded “films for men (and not teenage boys)” would be:

    A River Runs Through It
    Chariots of Fire
    Gandhi (note: our heros don’t have to be Americans)
    In The Heat Of The Night (they don’t have to be white either, speaking of which…)
    Malcolm X
    Das Boot (lastly, they don’t even have to be “the good guys” or speak English)
    Cool Hand Luke
    Spartacus (instead of Gladiator, trust me, it’s better)
    The Right Stuff
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
    Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside) (for a very different idea what it means to be a man)

    add a few movies about gay men, and I think you’d have a much more interesting list, something worth reading that doesn’t read like it was pulled from Spike or Cracked.

    One final note – Full Metal Jacket is actually an excellent anti-war movie, but unfortunately it always gets misinterpreted in the same way as Springsteen’s Born in the USA – a patriotic anthem of nationalism and unabashedly heroic fervor. Watch it again without the red white and blue tinted glasses and see what you think (you military nut, you).

    • Benjamin D. Peters

      Oh, Nate, why must you unleash your hatred on my macho list? The whole point of this was to be like a Cracked list, to list films for the average testosterone driven male. I guess I’m trying to define a difference between “guys” and “men”, as I believe they have different connotations in our culture.
      Also….are you telling me you don’t like easy answers?
      While I really like all of the movies on this list, I think we both know my taste goes quite a bit further than this. And I do see that Full Metal Jacket is anti-war. You leave my 4th of July Stunna Shades alone, alright?

      • nathanaelbassett

        By easy answers I meant like “shoot the cable to take the helicopter and kill the bad guys” easy, versus All The President’s Men where it’s a bit more difficult than that. Apologies for all the hate, the world will always have a place for macho movies, but hopefully we’ll remember to make a place for something else as well.

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