Missouri Money Put to Good Use? You Decide!

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is proposing to renovate the attorney general’s office using money which was recovered from fraud cases.

Koster’s proposal, which is pending before lawmakers, would cost about 3.2 million dollars.

Attorney General Chris Koster

Koster said on Wednesday that remodeling the Broadway State Office Building would not use general state revenues, but would instead, it would use nearly $2.8 million from a fund set up to receive money from consumer fraud and unfair merchandising cases and $400,000 from federal funds.

“The goal is to make the space equivalent to “a modest, model-quality law office,” Koster told the Associated Press. “We’re not trying to make anything fancy over there.”

Many are questioning whether the money should be used to remodel an office with the state making so many cuts on education and state employees. Sen. Will Kraus of Lee’s Summit was one of the people to question Koster’s plan when he presented it this week.

“I’m a little concerned that we’re making significant cuts in other parts of our budget, and we’re putting in new carpet and new furniture,” Kraus told the Associated Press in an interview. “The general public out there is probably not going to understand that.”

The building, originally built in 1938, has seen its share of wear and tear over time. Koster and his staff, however, have only resided in the building since late 2010.

Broadway State Office Building

According to the Alternative Press, some of the renovations the attorney general has proposed are to remove the drop ceilings on the first floor to provide a more open atmosphere, tear down some of the walls, and replace well-worn carpet squares and faded cubicles, along with improving the heating and cooling system.

So the question is, Missouri, do you approve of this? If not, how would you propose to use the money?


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